Welcome to the new world of sanitizing

Aviair PureSense, the more effective, all natural and multi-surface disinfectant.

Create your own disinfectant
in 4 easy steps

aviair disinfectant sanitizer


Before first usage, rinse with normal tap water. Then add water not exceeding the 400 ml mark on the bottle.


Add one gram of normal table salt and shake well to allow salt to dissolve in water.


Place the device on the wireless power supply base. Lights turn on automatically to indicate the electrolysis process is activated.


Lights turn off when the electrolysis process is completed. Your disinfectant solution is now ready to use.

An effective sanitiser, made naturally

Highly effective

The mix of hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite is proven to enhance the rate of elimination of common bacteria and viruses to 99.9%.

Environmentally friendly

Natural solution.
No plastic waste.

Convenient and reliable

Make your own solution when convenient. Works every time.


Can be used on multiple surfaces and
objects in homes, offices, shops, gyms
and other public areas.


The solution only uses tap water
and table salt to make. No harsh chemicals,
no bleaches, no alcohol.

Cost effective

Does not require the purchase of refills.
Saves money and never runs out.

  • AVIAIR PureEco Electrolyzing Sanitiser AVS SQ300U

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  • AVIAIR PureEco Electrolyzing Sanitiser AVS-185 B

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  • AVIAIR PureMini Electrolyzing Sanitiser AVS SQ60U

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More protection,
sustainability and


Aviair PureSense solution has undergone several independent test results from reputable testing laboratories.

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